Arhab Digital Textile Limited

  • Our digital printing is more colorful with intelligent coloring.
  • Our digital fabric printing is more accurate.
  • Our digital fabric printing feels better.
  • Our Digital Fabric printing allows for complete customozation.
  • Wide color gamut, with colorful, high precision and delicate images.
  • Faster lead-time for ideation to completion and order fulfillment.
  • Low cost of sample production.
  • asy to revise/change/modify the artwork.
  • Digital fabric printing can express thousands of colors of patterns.


In simple terms, the use of digital technology or digital printers in the textile printing industry is coined as ‘digital textile printing’. When compared with traditional textile printing mechanism, a lot is similar to digital procedures such as selection and pre-treatment of the fabric. The fabric runs through the printer at a very high speed, receiving steam, wash and dry treatment.

The biggest difference between traditional and digital textile printing is the pressing of colours, geometry and graphics on the fabric. The traditional method uses rotary screens having patterns whereas digital printers use printable image, design or graphics. Appropriate colour is then selected through LAB or RGB system after which the desired colour prints are merged or applied on the fabric as tiny ink droplets.


I have been working with them for long time. I am satisfied with their timely co-opperations.
Arhab Digital Textile Printers were so humble in behaviour and their shipping duration was also very accurate.
They are very accurate at their reproduction of colors at the printing works. I was greatly benefited by their service.